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One Liberty Observation Deck

If you want to get the best view of Philadelphia then you need to go to One Liberty Observation Deck. It will give you a bird’ eye view of the whole city. You can find the observation deck at the top of One Liberty Place, which is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. The building is located in Center City Philadelphia. If you’re visiting Philly for the first time, then a visit to this observation deck is a must. The 360-degree view from the top is simply spectacular. Binoculars are available at the observation deck to allow people to get a closer view of the city from above. It’s definitely a good way to pass the time and to get to know the city better.

The One Liberty Observation Deck is new. It was opened just several years ago. Before it opened, the only true observation deck in the city was the one found in the city hall. This is quite odd since there are many skyscrapers in the city. Philly, after all, is the fifth-largest city in the US. But the observation deck at the city hall is not very good. First of all, since it is located at the top of the city hall, then it means you won’t see the iconic city hall building when you’re at the observation deck. This is not to say, however, that it doesn’t offer great views. It does. It just doesn’t give a complete picture of the city.

Another problem with the observation deck at the city hall is that it is open only on weekdays and during office hours. This makes it hard for many people to visit the place. It’s also a small observation deck. Only four people can stay there at a time and visits are limited to just ten minutes per person. The place just doesn’t make it ideal for visitors to view the city. Going to the city hall observation deck is still worthy of a visit, however. The ticket price is cheap, it offers a great view, and the city hall itself is steeped in history. But it’s really a good thing for the city that the One Liberty Observation Deck. It gives the city the observation deck that it deserves.

To go to One Liberty Observation Deck, you need to enter the building through the entrance on Market Street. Then you need to go to the second floor to get your tickets. The second floor of the building also houses a gift shop where you can get various Philadelphia-inspired items. You really won’t miss the elevator going to the top because there usually is a line for people who want to go to the observation deck. The line can get long during weekends and holidays. The observation deck is on the 57th floor of the building. The elevator ride to the deck takes about 70 seconds. When you step out of the elevator you’ll be greeted by a large bust of Benjamin Franklin.

Fans of minimalism will love the design of the observation deck. For others, it may look sparse. If you’re expecting to find a cafe or a gift shop at the deck then you’ll be disappointed. But people don’t really go there for the interior decoration right. The view is all that matters and the less distraction, the better. And with a view of Philadelphia from that vantage point, you don’t really need anything else. If you’re lucky enough to be at the observation deck on a clear day then you’ll be able to see buildings from many miles away. Unfortunately, though some of the more interesting buildings are blocked by other buildings. From there you’ll see the city hall and Christ Church, two buildings that previously held the distinction of being the tallest in the US.

A visit to the One Liberty Observation Deck is indeed worthwhile. But you should plan your visit. You may want to check the weather first to see if it’s going to be cloudy or not. The best time to go, of course, is when the sun is shining and the sky is clear. You should also take the free tours being offered every hour, on the hour.

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