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Portable Hand Wash Station

portable hand wash station outside the buildingPhiladelphia is a wild and working-class city. Everything about it and its past exude an air of “getting it done” like no other city. Philadelphia natives know this and it’s why they are no stranger to getting their hands dirty. That’s great, except there is a slight problem with getting dirty, and it’s the fact that you eventually got to get clean.

This is where a portable hand wash station can get you out of a sticky situation. From the name alone you can already begin to piece together what it is that you are going to get from such a product. A portable station that ensures that you are clean and feel comfortable. Ready to get back into whatever it is that you are working on.

What is a Portable Hand Wash Station?

A portable hand wash station is the perfect companion to any porta potty or bathroom solution that you have decided to employ at your event. No matter the occasion or scale of the event, everyone wants to feel clean. It is human nature to look and feel our best.

A portable hand wash station with a built-in soap dispenser and a dual water tank that keeps clean, potable water separate from used, dirty water is the perfect tool for the job. Don’t worry about stocking up on paper because most stations come with two spare paper towel rolls. Do you have a coat or bag that you don’t want to set on the floor? Integrated side hangars mean that you don’t have to.

These portable hand wash stations are your multi-purpose tool, truly a one size fits all situation with each station. The portable in the name is not just for show. Each portable hand wash station has wheels at the bottom for easy positioning.

Where and When to Use?

The short answer is anywhere. Even when working in a tough and dirty job like construction, your workers are going to want to freshen up before they eat or go home. A party at the park means that the porta potty is going to see a lot of use. Porta potties are not the most hygienic structures in the world, placing a portable hand wash station right outside its entrance solves that problem effortlessly.

Philadelphia, the city of boxing legends and cheesesteaks, could use a portable hand wash station or two parked outside any major business complex or even a fair. From the Wawa Welcome America festival to the Blue Cross River Rink Summer Fest, Philadelphia knows how to throw a party, so rest assured that no matter how many portable hand wash stations are ordered, they will be used.

Providing your workers or loved ones an area in which they can quickly wash up, before heading back into the fray, is a simple but important way of showing that you care about their basic needs. Philadelphia is a city full of life, help keep life healthy and clean with help from a portable hand wash station.