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The Franklin Institute

If you are looking for a place in Philadelphia where the whole family can spend a whole day of fun then you should consider going to the Franklin Institute. It’s good for those times when you can’t spend a whole weekend with your family and can only devote a day to being with your kids. One of the best things about going to the Franklin Institute is that you can just go there. There’s no need to plan ahead or make reservations. Of course, you still need to make sure that the place is open. You can simply check their website or make a quick call to check. And you really don’t have to bring anything to go there. Just extra cash so you can buy stuff. 

The Franklin Institute was established in the 19th century to honor the great Benjamin Franklin. The reason why kids love this museum is because of its interactive exhibits. It was built to encourage children (and also adults) to ask the questions why and how things in the world work as they do. But the museum will not tell you the answer to your questions. You will need to discover them for yourself. SO children will not only have fun in this museum, but they will also be able to learn a lot. The museum presents a fun way for children to learn.

If you want your kids to learn about science and scientific principles then taking them to the Franklin Institute will surely be a worthwhile endeavor. They can probably learn more from here than from reading books about science. One of the more interesting parts of the museum is the Kid Science exhibit. It is made for children between the ages of 5 to 8. Here, kids can even learn about the importance of saving the earth through the “Island of the Elements” area. By using the elements of air, earth, light, and water, they can fight an evil being called Lord Chaos and save the planet in the process. It’s really a good way to open the eyes of kids to the need to be more environmentally conscious and to the urgent problems brought by global warming, pollution, and the destruction of natural resources.

If your kids love sports, then they will surely enjoy the Sports Challenge exhibit. But this section is not just about sports. It’s meant to give kids a practical lesson in physics and biology through different athletic challenges that they must do. There’s a part in this exhibit where you can pitch balls of different sizes. It’s a great way to see how fast you can throw balls. There’s also the racing car exhibit that lets visitors test their reaction time. It’s a fun activity where kids can go up against their parents. There’s also a part where you can kick a soccer ball against a virtual goalkeeper. You can also test your balance on a surfboard, race a wheelchair, and do wall climbing. It may sound like a lot like playing around but the kids are actually learning while having fun, which is probably the best way to learn.

Your kids will also have the honor of meeting Sir Isaac Newton through a part of the museum that is dedicated to the great scientist. Like Newton during his time, kids will be able to perform experiments to test scientific principles. The best thing about this part of the museum is that it wonderfully fuses science and art together. For example, there’s a portion where you can explore patterns of light on the sand. Kids will also learn how they can lift their own bodyweight with the use of levers. Of course, it wouldn’t be a portion about Newton if there is no area dedicated to the learning of cause and effect. In this section, kids are tasked to build a domino run and then have fun knocking it down.

If you get tired of all the interactive activities, then there are also non-interactive exhibits that you can check out. The museum also has a cafe if you do get hungry. There are also many excellent restaurants around the area. You can find the Franklin Institute on Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

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